Wishbone Mini-Flip Race Base

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Wishbone Mini-Flip Race Base attaches to your Mini-Flip Top to create an exciting ride-on racer for your growing toddler to spin and drift. Ideal for confident toddlers, recommended from 12 months and up.

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Wishbone Mini-Flip Race Base includes rocking rails and four caster wheels. Must be assembled together with Wishbone Mini-Flip Top to create Mini-Flip Racer, a fun rock&roll ride-on for pre-schoolers. Converts from rocker to ride-on in seconds, just turn the latch and flip! To all uncles, aunties & grandparents: this is the perfect birthday gift! - Drift and spin with Race Base caster wheels - Easy conversion to rocker, just turn the latch! - Beautiful heirloom toy, great gift for baby - For walking toddlers from 1 to 3 years - This is an interchangeable base only! Get Mini-Flip Top to complete your toy. Unboxed weight = 1kg.


At its core, Wishbone Mini-Flip 4in1 represents the simple joys of a more connected life. We hope you will slow down, get involved, choose signature colours and build your design together. Watch your little one take their first steps, then maximise play value by switching to Race Base for more years of joy.


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