Wishbone Mini-Flip Top

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BLACK, WHITE, ORANGE, AQUA & GREEN are available now and shipping during Covid-19. Please allow a few extra days for delivery during April 2020.

RED, YELLOW & PINK TOPS are currently unavailable. Pre-order these colours now for delivery end April. Or try our Mini-Flip Customizer to mix & match available colours instead.

Eye-catching and multi-functional, Wishbone Mini-Flip 4in1 re-invents the classic wooden walker for baby. This is amazing play value and iconic form. Walk, Rock, Ride. Get this Mini-Flip Top, then add a Wishbone Base & Wishbone Wheels to mix & match 8 gorgeous colours or try our Mini-Flip Customiser! If your little one is already walking well, add Wishbone Race Base instead for a thrilling ride.

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